Approved: September 3rd, 2013
Affirmed: May 1st, 2017

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Five-Year Strategic Planning Goals

For the 2013-14 through 2017-18 academic years, there are five College Goals that will drive HCC's activities, resource allocation, and priorities. For each goal, a team made up of personnel from throughout the college will set short-term goals and plan strategies that will enable HCC to reach the goal by the 2018 target date.

College Goal 1 - Master Plan

By 2018, The Master Plan Team will:

  1. Update the College's Master Plan, including new buildings and renovations, in order to build a more cohesive physical campus that is consistent with HCC's programmatic needs
  2. Create a process whereby the Master Plan is reviewed and revised on a regular basis and all new campus development initiatives are vetted according to the Master Plan
  3. Develop a plan to ensure that equipment needs are considered in conjunction with new building and renovations

College Goal 2 - Business & Industry

By 2018, for the 10 fastest-growing industry sectors, the Business & Industry Team will:

  1. Align instruction with business and industry needs, including the creation of co-ops and pathways
  2. Build relationships with prominent businesses in the region, including formal MOUs and partnerships
  3. Market HCC's students to businesses and the community

College Goal 3 - Student Success

By 2018, the Student Success Team will use the Completion by Design (CbD) framework to develop and enact at least three college-wide strategies that will:

  1. Increase year 1 to year 2 retention by 20% (currently, we are at 59.4%, so the goal is to reach 71.3%) (this uses the NCCCS definition of first-time students in year 1 attempting at least one course in year 2)
  2. Increase Curriculum completion rates by 10% (currently, we are at 38%, so the goal is to reach 41.8%) (this uses the NCCCS definition of first-time students earning a credential, transferring to a 4-year institution, or still enrolled at HCC with 30+ credits after 5 years)

College Goal 4 - Community & Schools

By 2018, the Community & Schools Team will:

  1. Align instruction with community and school needs, including the creation of outreach programs
  2. Build relationships with community groups and educational institutions in the region, including creating at least 10 formal partnerships
  3. Market HCC's activities and facilities to schools and the community

College Goal 5 - Efficiency

By 2018, the Efficiency Team will systematically assess every college process and suggest changes to processes that:

  1. Reduce time spent by personnel on these processes
  2. Conserve fiscal or other resources
  3. Improve communication across campus