Haywood Community College believes in shared leadership. This means that the responsibility for institutional decisions is shared by the President, Board of Trustees, Administrative Council, College Advisory Committee, and Student Government Association with input from faculty, staff and students from across campus. In essence the decision making responsibility is shared by those affected by the decisions.

The Board of Trustees consists of twelve appointed Board members and the current Student Government Association president. The Trustees are appointed as follows, four by the Governor’s Office, four by the Haywood County Commissioners, and four by the Haywood County School Board. The SGA president is elected by the HCC student body.

The President is hired by the Board of Trustees after an interview process that includes faculty, staff and community evaluation.

The Administrative Council members are the President, the Vice President of Instruction, the Vice President of Student Services, the Vice President of Business Operations, the Director of Campus Development, the Director of Information Technology, the Director of Marketing and Communications, the Director of Human Resources, the Director of Institutional Advancement,  and the Executive Assistant to the President.

Focus groups are often formed from a cross section of campus staff and faculty to help provide information and input on critical decisions affecting the college. These groups also often include community residents. The college vision, core values and college-wide goals are a result of this process.