In addition to applying for financial aid through HCC, it is suggested that students investigate outside sources such as programs through the Veterans Administration, Vocational Rehabilitation, N.C. Commission for the Blind, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the N.C. Employment Security Commission. For information on local scholarships, it is suggested that students contact their high school guidance counselors. You may also view a list of outside scholarships available here.

Students are also encouraged to utilize the Internet when investigating possible financial resources for attending college. Some financial aid websites containing information about grants, loans, work programs and scholarships are listed below:

Students are required to report any aid received from a source other than the school’s financial aid office.  This includes any aid received at another institution during the current academic year. Types of aid that should be reported include the previously mentioned sources as well as any scholarships not awarded by HCC or tuition assistance from an employer. Failure to report such assistance could result in a reduction or cancellation of your financial aid.