If, at any time, you would like personal assistance, please email enrollment@haywood.edu, call 828-627-4500 or click on the "Live Chat" or "Need Help" link on this page (at the far right).

For College Credit

New Applicants

Successfully completed curriculum programs are those that result in an Associate’s degree, Diploma, or Certificate and that include courses where credit may transfer to another college. Please use the list below to ensure that you have completed all steps and have everything that you need during your education here with us at HCC!

Getting Started

  ✓ Print your Checklist

  ✓ See a List of Available Classes

  • Click on appropriate semester.
  • Click on a course for more details.
  • Click on a section number to see a list of required textbooks.

  ✓ Apply

    EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2017 – All students (except for high school students entering the Career and College Promise program) must obtain a N.C. residency certification number (RCN) prior to submitting a Haywood Community College application. HCC will no longer be able to validate residency status for students or make any changes in residency status. The North Carolina State Legislature has established the Residency Determination Service (RDS), which will serve as the single authority for determining whether a student qualifies for in-state or out-of state tuition.

  • Submit an RDS Application

  • Submit an CFNC Application

    • For assistance creating an account or logging in to complete the application, contact CFNC or call (866) 866-2362.
    • For help with your application, contact Student Services or call (828) 627-4500 or click on the “Live Chat” or “Need Help” link on the far right of this page.
    • You will receive a postcard from HCC informing you of any materials that are still needed, such as high school transcripts or placement scores.

Applied to HCC

After notification from HCC that your application has been received, please log into WebAdvisor, change your password and then log into the HCC Login Portal.

WebAdvisor (grades, schedule, transcript, financial aid and student account information, and more!):

  ✓ Step 1: Log into WebAdvisor

  • Your username is typically your first initial, middle initial, last name.

    • Example: If your name were Phillip G. Blake, then your username would be pgblake.
    • Always enter your username with all lowercase letters.
    • If you are not sure what your username is you can select “What’s My User ID?”. You will be required to provide your last name, as it is in our records, and either your student ID number or your social security number without dashes or spaces.
  • Your password is initially your 6-digit birthday.

    • Example: If your birthday is May 8, 1991, then your 6-digit birthday is 050891.

  ✓ Step 2: Change your password

  • Passwords must be at least eight characters long with at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. A special character like an ! or $ is recommended for extra security. The password cannot contain more than three consecutive letters that are part of the username.

HCC Login Portal (“One stop shop” for all HCC technology resources)

  ✓ Log into the HCC Login Portal (use the same username and password as WebAdvisor)

NOTE: You will have limited access until you have completed all steps and registered for classes.

  • Email – Email address is username@haywood.edu. Students are expected to use their HCC email for all college communications.
  • WebAdvisor - Pay on account, transcript, grades, schedules, financial aid status, and much more!
  • Moodle – Where you will do your online/hybrid classes or access homework.
  • Instructions on how to install Office 365 free with your HCC account (Only available to students registered for classes).
  • Instructions on accessing the HCC-Campus wireless network.
  • Emergency Notification system – allows you to receive important HCC information, such as weather closings by text, phone, or email at any phone number or email address that you choose.
  • Password Registration – Sign up to be able to reset your password at anytime from anywhere.

Problem Logging into WebAdvisor or the HCC Login Portal?

Contact the IT Department at (828) 565-4009 or websupport@haywood.edu. Please provide your full name and phone number; please repeat your phone number twice if you leave a voice message.