Early College, Career & College Promise, or Other Programs for High School or Home School Students

If, at any time, you would like personal assistance, please email enrollment@haywood.edu, call 627-4669 or click on the "Live Chat" or "Need Help" link on this page (at the far right).

HCC offers a variety of tuition free educational opportunities for high school and home school students. These include Haywood Early College offered at HCC's campus; Career & College Programs offered at local high schools, and college course opportunities for home schooled high school students.

  1. For college courses at your high school or home school, please contact Jessica Honeycutt, High School Programs Coordinator, at jhoneycutt@haywood.edu or (828) 565-4119.

  2. For Haywood Early College information and application, please visit http://www.haywood.edu/instruction/high-school-programs

  3. For more information about courses for high school students, please visit http://www.haywood.edu/instruction/high-school-programs