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This course provides a conceptual study of problems involving linear expressions, equations, inequalities, and graphic and algebraic representations of lines. Topics include solving equations, slope, equations of lines, interpretation of basic graphs, linear modeling, and contextual application problems. Upon completion, students should be able to simplify expressions, solve equations and inequalities, create and interpret graphical representation of equations, inequalities, and real world data, and apply this knowledge to real world situations.


Take one set: Set 1: DMA-010, DMA-020, and DMA-030 Set 2: DMA-025 Set 3: MAT-060
Minimum Credits:
1 Lecture and 1 Lab
  • Lawrence Horton


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View course materials Lecture Lab M,,W T,,TH Aug 19 - Oct 14 12:00pm - 12:50pm 12:00pm - 12:50pm 357 OL 357 3 / 20
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