You can still get your high school diploma....

Adult High School Program (AHS) -

Combine the credits you have already earned in public school with credits earned in our free Adult High School program to gain a high school diploma, which is issued by Haywood County Public Schools and signed by Haywood County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Bill Nolte, and Haywood Community College's President, Dr. Shelley White.  Classes are free, and study materials are provided.   To begin this program, interested students need to contact our office to schedule an orientation with Jessica Honeycutt, Dean of Transitional Studies and High School Partnerships at or 828-565-4119. 


Members of our staff will evaluate your transcript(s) to determine how many credits you have already earned and how many are required for you to receive your high school diploma. Classes are available in the Monday-Thursday 8:00am-12:30pm or online.  Upon completion of required credits, you will earn an adult high school diploma. Prepare for the tests by studying language arts, science, social studies, and math in our free classes on our main campus or online.