Our Mission

The mission of the College & Career Readiness Department is to provide a FREE program that helps students gain credentials enabling them to graduate high school or gain a high school credential, learn how to speak English (for students who are not native English speakers), become more ready for college, or to just gain skills for everyday life goals like helping their children’s homework, have a better job performance, or gain employability skills.  The College & Career Readiness department staff and faculty accomplish this mission through 4 different programs: Adult High School, High School Equivalency (formerly GED), English as a Second Language (ESL), Career College, and Adult Basic Education.


Adult High School

The Adult High School program is available to students ages 16 to 106.  Students in this program gain a high school diploma, which is signed by Haywood County Schools superintendent and our own Haywood Community College president, Dr. Shelley White.  Students interested in this program must call the office, sign up and complete and orientation, and bring an official transcript in order to be admitted to this program.  Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8:00-12:30 for students who wish to be in face-to-face courses. Students who have at least a 9.0 testing level or higher may also do classes online. Students who are minors must have a minor permission form on file.  Forms can be obtained in the College and Career Readiness department in the 300 building. For more information on the Adult High School call the CCR Administrative Assistant at 828-627-4648 or Lead Adult High School Instructor, Carroll Vernon, at 828-565-4184.

High School Equivalency (formerly called GED)

Students who need to obtain a high school credential but do not want to take Adult High School courses can obtain that credential through the College & Career Readiness department’s High School Equivalency program.  Students interested in this program should contact the office, register for and complete an orientation.  The High School credential requires students to pass 4-5 tests.  Each test cost approximately $20, however, at orientation students are given a free assessment of their grade level and their ability to successfully pass the GED or HiSet.  Students who score an 11-12.9+ on the free assessment are more likely to pass the GED or HiSet.  After the evaluation, students who do not score GED/HiSet ready on the English and Math portions of the assessment are given a personalized study guide and advised by CCR staff to attend the CCR class or classes that will help them to boost their individual scores.  CCR teachers are given access to the assessment scores and will give personalized instruction to the students.  For more information on the High School Equivalency program contact our Administrative Assistant at 828-627-4648 or our Chief GED Examiner, Melody Chandler, at  828-627-4700.


Career College

The CCR’s Career College program is designed to help developmentally disabled students who want to go to college or obtain employability skills.  This program will help students in their English, Composition, Math, and Daily Life skills.  The program also offers pathway classes to help students gain specific job skills by being in these career environments.  Pathways include: Horticulture, Small Engine Repair, Early Childhood, and Elder Care.  For more information on the Career College program please contact the CCR Department Assistant at 828-627-4648.


Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Skills program is to assist adults to build reading skills, obtain employability skills, and become self-sufficient.  Students who are parents find the ABE program particularly helpful for gaining the skills necessary to assist in their children’s homework. The program also provides skill building instruction, which supports the transition to other programs at Haywood Community College. The Adult Basic Education program is designed to improve a student’s employability by providing opportunities for upgrading reading, mathematics, English, and life skills.  Assessment is a basic part of all these programs and provides pre-adult secondary instruction. There is no cost to the student for tuition, books or materials.  Our services are provided free to students. The first step to entering into the Adult Basic Skills program at Haywood Community College is to register for Orientation.  Adult Basic Education (ABE) can assist you in pursuing a GED, obtaining an Adult High School diploma, becoming better prepared for the workplace, developing skills to enable you to get a better job, creating a stronger presence in family life, or entering college. You select your direction, and we are here to help you reach your goals! For more information concerning the Adult Basic Education program or any of our other programs, please contact our Administrative Assistant at (828) 627-4648.


For more information concerning any of the College & Career Department’s programs, please contact our Administrative Assistant at (828) 627-4648.