What is College Tech Prep?

College Tech Prep (CTP) is a seamless educational program that begins in the 9th grade and continues through high school and into the community college and ends with a student obtaining a 2-year Associate Degree, Certificate, or completion of a 2-year registered apprenticeship. It is a focused, sequenced course of study consisting of four years of secondary and two or four years of postsecondary education.

What is the Goal of College Tech Prep?

Developed in partnership with business and industry, the goal of College Tech Prep is to prepare students to live and work in a highly technological society by integrating academic and technical courses of study while instilling the necessity for lifelong learning. Through College Tech Prep students prepare to enter the high wage, highly technical, and rapidly changing career fields available in the present and future workplace.

Why should you be a College Tech Prep Completer?

  • Prepare for a 2 or 4-year degree in a technical field!
  • Earn college credits while in high school!

How do you earn College Tech Prep credit?

  • Receive a scaled score of 93 or higher on the high school standardized assessment (VoCATS) and receive a grade of “B” or better in each high school course to receive college credit for designated high school course.
  • Enroll at a North Carolina Community College within 2 years of high school graduation
  • To receive credit for Tech Prep classes’ students must submit a high school transcript or other official documentation with the Tech Prep courses identified with VoCats scores and the grade for the course.

Where can I learn more?

See high school counselors or contact the High School Program Coordinator at 828-565-4119.

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