Students in trivia review meeting

Free Drop-in Tutoring 

Students can receive free tutoring in math, writing/grammar, research and documentation, science, topics in Natural Resources, and basic computer help.  We also provide support in study skills, time management, and organization.  Tutoring is available face-to-face and online by appointment.

Students are welcome to study in groups or independently in our tutoring area.

Grammar Evaluation

LSS provides proofreading of essays and research papers. Students may drop off essays and assignments for grammar error evaluation.  Students should plan for a 48-hour proofing duration after the document has been submitted (Please note: documents submitted on Friday would have a Tuesday deadline).  Evaluation of lesser duration may happen, but is not guaranteed.

Online Tutoring 

We offer online tutoring in limited subjects by appointment. Please email Susan Roberts at sroberts@haywood.edu.

Rules and Regulations

  • Students must complete an application
  • We do not help students with graded assignments, but with ungraded alternative questions
  • Students cannot miss class time to attend tutoring
  • Each student using the labs or other resources must adhere to our Conduct Policy.