Online Course Expectations

Online courses often require more time than traditional face-to-face courses. In addition to self-motivation, good time management skills, and self-discipline, they also require a high comfort level with computers and technology.

If you are considering registering for an online course or are currently in an online course, and cannot agree with all the statements below, please contact your advisor to discuss alternative instruction methods. 

  • I have a computer and high speed internet connection at home.
  • I have read the Recommended hardware and software specifications needed for taking online courses and my computer meets the requirements. I have downloaded the Mozilla Firefox browser and will use it for my online courses.
  • I am prepared to download or purchase the tools and software required for my online courses. I have checked the HCC bookstore listing for the required textbooks and materials.
  • I have Microsoft Office 365 or a similar suite of programs which includes a word processor.
    (Please note: Some courses may require specific products, programs, or applications.)
  • I know how to save, locate, and organize files on my computer.
  • I am comfortable with the tasks of attaching, uploading, and downloading electronic files.
  • I know how to check my computer or browser settings for playing various types of media content should my course require video and audio play.
  • I am prepared to spend three (3) to four (4) hours online for every 1-credit hour for each online course.
    (For example, a 3-credit hour course will require a minimum of 9-12 hours per week.)
  • I am able to learn and understand material (textbooks, articles, websites) by reading or viewing it on my own.
  • I am self-motivated and can set schedules for myself.
  • I am willing to ask an instructor for help when I have trouble understanding a topic and need clarification.

If you agreed with all the statements, online courses might be a good option for you and your educational plan. If you determine you would be more successful in a course that meets in a fully face-to-face environment, speak with your advisor about registering for those courses only.

* Students with a documented disability are strongly encouraged to contact the disability counselor in Student Wellness at (828) 627-4504 prior to registering for any online courses.